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Tanessa Sanchez

Assistant Professor | Child Development & Education

Spring 2024 Courses

Early Childhood Education is constantly changing and it is my goal in providing high-quality, engaging content to better prepare educators for the classroom. I offer a variety of opportunities to learn the latest trends and topics in Early Childhood Education and in multiple, specific subject matters.  As the standards for our children continue to be raised at the elementary school level, we must be diligent in our design and application to better suite the needs of those we teach. School readiness has a whole new meaning when we think of the expectations that are set up for our children.

On the following pages, you will find important information for each specific course I teach. Whether you are a prospective or current student, it is important you understand the goals and expectations prior to the first day of class. Early preparation allows us the opportunity to problem solve, strategize, and make arrangements for successful learning. Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions.

I look forward to our journey together! 

CHDV Department Business

Most of you are likely CHDV majors or experienced students who have taken other CHDV classes here at Palomar- welcome back! If any of you are new to Palomar- welcome and we're so glad you're here!

The Child Development (CHDV) Department has some resources and requirements to help set you up for success, and to ensure the integrity of our programs and protect the children our students interact with.

In the Orientation Module in Canvas, you'll be asked to submit your signed Statement of Commitment and Confidentiality, a document we ask all CHDV students to sign each semester.

Our department also encourages all CHDV students to take CHDV 99: Preparation for CHDV Majors early in your CHDV journey to help prepare you for all that your CHDV courses will offer. If you haven't already taken this .5 unit, 4-week course, why not enroll this semester? 

You may also be interested in our Child Development Student Success Guide, a comprehensive, up-to-date manual outlining all of the information to help you as a Child Development student at Palomar College.

Visit our CHDV Department website for even more information!

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