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Tanessa Sanchez

Assistant Professor | Child Development & Education

The First Week

All courses will require you to use Canvas to log and access all of the course content. Each course is organized into one-week modules. Each module will be available on Saturdays at 8:00 am., however, the week does not begin until Monday. The modules will have similarities, but they each are unique and have discussions and assignments that correlate with course content. 

"Where is our class site?"

Please be aware that all classes are online only course, which means we will not meet in person. To access the course we will be utilizing the Canvas Management System. If you are having difficulty, you may visit your college's home page and search for help desk or tech support.

I also encourage you to bookmark the url for the log-in page in case the college's homepage goes down.  

"What books do I need?"

There is no need to purchase books unless otherwise stated in your course syllabus. I strive to provide all materials as downloadable and/or extracted items from online resources. All links are available on the respective course syllabus, can be located on the module overview page each week, and will be integrated in a variety of ways throughout each module. Take time to download and/or bookmark these important texts. You will need to read to succeed.

Teacher conducting circle time with young children imitating actions

What you can expect from me:

Adult students gathered in a circle

What I will expect from you:

Child Growth & Development

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Observation & Assessment

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Early Intervention & Inclusion

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Practicum in Early Childhood

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