Tanessa Sanchez

Palomar College

CHDV 112: Early Intervention & Inclusion

Spring 2024: January 29 - May 26, 2024

16 Week  | Asynchronous, Online Only Course | Palomar College


All courses are designed with student success and zero cost in mind. All course materials are deemed online educational resources and will need to be downloaded, extracted, or viewed from online resources not purchased. 

I have strategically assigned readings to coincide with weekly topics. Embedded links can be found on the course syllabus as well as in each weekly module. They may be read online or downloaded for free in its entirety. The free textbooks include:

Additional Online Readings

Online educational resources will be assigned each week at the discretion of the instructor and with regards to the topic. Links will be provided in the reading sections and online course syllabus for each weekly module. You may need your student ID and password to access some of the readings. 

Why take this class?

We will cover curriculum and intervention strategies for working in inclusive settings with children with special needs from birth to age 8, in partnership with families. Topics covered will include observation and assessment, curriculum modification, and accommodation strategies to facilitate the development of cognitive, motor, social, emotional, and language skills in infants, toddlers, and young children with disabilities. Specific emphasis will be placed on collaborative and culturally competent methods for working with professionals in the field as well as the families of children with special needs.

Course Goals

Learning Outcomes

Mode of Assessment

Porch Talks/Case Studies. Online students are expected to engage in weekly conversations. You will receive full credit when an initial post and 2 peer replies are completed.

Classroom Design: You will design your ideal inclusive classroom and outdoor environment. 

Observation: You will observe an inclusive and special education classroom serving children 0-5 and compare their similarities and differences.

Group Project: You will work with your team to build an educational plan to meet a child’s individual needs. You will assign roles, complete an outline. a written paper, and record a presentation. The tasks will be scaffolded.


While you will get a final grade at the end of the term, individual assignments will receive positive feedback to enhance your work rather than simply evaluate it. What matters most is the conversation we have, your growth over time, and your controlling your learning. 

You will have opportunities to reflect on your own work and progress throughout the semester. The intention is to help you focus on working in a way that prioritizes your holistic development as opposed to working through fear and worry about scores. The chart below represents the direct paths to receiving the score you want. The following represents the direct path to receiving the score you want.

Students should be aware of the Student Success Guide and the many resources offered by Palomar's Child Development Department. The Palomar Dashboard is also available and offers learning opportunities to teach students to use information ethically and accurately.

Best Practice for Submitting Tasks

Assignment deadlines are there to keep you on track and help you meet specific milestones in the course. Because time management is challenging and life happens, I understand deadlines might not be met. If you recognize a due date might be a problem, advocate for your success by contacting me at least 24 hours before the assignment is due. Identify the problem and provide a solution, even if it's an alternative due date. I review and provide warm, meaningful feedback within 48-72 hours.

Important Note: 

I want you to be successful. Reading all assignment instructions and rubrics thoroughly will help you succeed. When you are struggling, please contact me, so we can work together. I understand that life gets complicated. Please submit all your work on Canvas (not e-mail). Resubmissions are encouraged for low-scoring grades and assignment comments will help guide you toward completion. You will receive the grade you earn. Please check your Canvas Inbox and the Announcement thread, frequently!

Reading all assignment instructions and rubrics thoroughly will help you succeed. 

“Inclusion requires the teacher to believe that all students have something important to offer in the classroom and that we really are better off learning together.” - unknown