The Big Picture

What to expect from CHDV 201/201A

If we step back and see the big picture, we will have a better understanding of the activities we will engage in.  All our zero cost reading and viewing material will be embedded in our Canvas course shell. You should encounter an all-inclusive experience through the use of multiple instructional modalities.

Week 1: Getting Started

Week 2: Powerful Interactions

Week 3: Becoming a Professional Teacher

Week 4: Understanding Children

Week 5: Developing Curriculum

Week 6: Extending Learning

Week 7: Guiding Behavior

Week 8: Documenting Children's Learning

Week 9: Quality Interactions

Week 10: Midterm Appointments

Week 11: Designing the Environment

Week 12: Observing & Assessing Children

Week 13: Anti-Bias Curriculum

Week 14:  Building Relationships

Week 15: Career Minded

Week 16: Review Student Teaching Experience

Each week, we will have 6 hours of instructional material.  Instructional material will consist of online lectures, multimedia resources, and scholastic articles. 

Each week, you will be required to complete 3.5 hours, 49 hours total, of child observation activities at the Palomar College ECE Lab Schools or your worksite. Due to the nature of Child Development and our current national affairs, a topic, incident, or trend might be added into the course. Activities and schedule are subject to change.  

Please feel free to utilize the Student Lounge to share resources, events, and/or advocacy opportunities. Together we can make a change. 

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Practicum in Early Childhood

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